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an alliance with al qaeda, they've worked with al qaeda in pakistan and afghanistan. one of my constituent's son was killed by nine chechen rebels. so they're in the fight. he goes over there, the tools of trade of warfare for al qaeda are precisely the devices he built, this cooker pressure device, explosive device. there are reports they had suicide vests on. you don't learn that overnight. i personally believe that this man received training when he was over there and he radicalized from 2010 to the present. and then nine months after he comes back from the chechnya region, he pulls off the largest terror attack since 9/11. >> so you see influence by al qaeda or other terrorist groups in getting help and assistance from them. you think it's the latter. >> i think it's very probable that when he's in the region that's a very dangerous region that they're known for his tactics that he possibly could have been trained at that point. i believe he was already radicalizing. i'm questioning what the father's role is. the fathers always play a heavy role. the father's part of this chechen revol
the plotters had help from al qaeda. wow. while police said the suspects had the capacity to carry out the threat, there was no imminent threat to the public. they say the plot was not connected to the boston marathon bombings. we'll be right back. >>> he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was of course, white house spokesman jay carney short by before 1:00 p.m. today making clear the boston suspect will not be treated as an enemy combatant. as some republican senators includes lindsay grahey graham for. senator graham challenged them saying the decision they made premature. let's listen. >> here's my concern. as a lawyer for over 30 years, sieve ville wrap acivilian and strongly support the concept that no criminal defendant should ever be required to incriminate themselves while they're in custody of the government. every nation at war should have the ability to defend themselves by gathering ly exclusive concepts. i believe our nation is at war. the enemy is radical i
as the taliban, al qaeda and affiliated groups. the question i have regarding this case, is there any association between these two individuals and the groups i just named to allow enemy combatant status to be conferred upon the suspect in boston. >> with no ties to foreign terrorist networks, there would be little difference between tsarnaev and other so-called home-grown and lone wolf terrorists, including timothy mcveigh and ted kosinski. if the tsarnaev brothers were acting alone, the prevention of similar attacks becomes significantly more complex. american law enforcement officials currently track terror networks by tapping into chatter, monitoring videos and reports of field agents, but even if the fbi is tipped off to potential american terrorists, there's are limits to what can be done. "the new york times" reports that after the tib questioned tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011, officials had quote no authority to watch him because they found no terrorism activity at the time. this scenario that an american could and would do this while flying under the radar raises serious questions regarding n
that this is a relatively crude device. a device used by al qaeda, used by the taliban in the past, but, i want to stress this, from all of our sources, from all of our reporters, producers and koeshts, zero evidence, zero evidence of any communications, any intelligence suggesting a foreign terrorist involvement as yet. and even though this has been used, this type of technology has been used by al qaeda and taliban in the past, it is also sadly in this age of the internet a technology you can go online and essentially find a how-to to build a bomb like this. no one has ruled out domestic terrorism, or this being a single lone wolf bomber, perhaps someone with help. right now, they say those are among the many, many questions. >> and it's significant also that no one has claimed responsibility. there's almost a thunderous silence, if you will. that speaks volumes to a lot of these investigators. >> if you look past backwards, past terrorist attacks, obviously if it's al qaeda, if it's al qaeda an the arabian peninsula, even a domestic political group trying to make a point, often there's a claim of resp
used by say al qaeda or other groups. that may start to provide some answers. >> i heard you say earlier the fact these weren't big devices would perhaps suggest it isn't an al qaeda operation, that they would go for a more dramatic impact with the devices. also, there are these ball bearings we now know have been used. any significance to that? >> well, you know, piers, here in new york, we had this disrupted subway plot which was, in fact, al qaeda related and it involved backpack bombs. these explosions, while horrific and have caused horrific injury, what we're hearing from law enforcement sources are that they were not terribly sophisticated. they were small. it would have been much worse if it was a higher explosive like c-4 or plastic explosive so you just can't really tell yet. we don't know enough about the forensics to know was this a domestic terrorist group. it's possible, right. we've seen things like oklahoma city, that tragedy. so it could be a domestic group. law enforcement has been careful to say that's the question they can't answer tonight, domestic or foreign
them into a. chechens don't show up on the radar. historically chechens involved in al qaeda almost from the first days. and the early 1990s. so, it's possible that some how these two young men were radicalized remotely or on the internet and given references, go online and learn how to make a bomb using this video tape, that sort of thing, but, as jonathan said, what the government is doing right now is looking at all of their travel records, phone records, intempbt records, to see if they were in contact with anyone else. >> okay, dick, i want to go back to martha, of course, you traveled to all of these regions and anything you want to add what dick was just saying? >> one thing that struck me, the only thing that this young man had ever talked about was his discomfort with the wars in afghanistan and iraq, that would be the majority of americans as well. even that doesn't tell you anhing. g around these regions, one thing that i noticed in yemen, pakistan, the groups are splintered now, they're just totally splintered. it's hard to follow, hard to see who's doing what, so many v
about the suspects in the boston marathon bombing. one brother's possible ties to al-qaeda linked terror group. i'm megyn kelly. >> megyn: senator dianne feinstein telling fox news there are three main questions lawmakers want answered. when did russia raise the red flag on tamerian tsarnaev. what did he do over in russia for six months? what did the f.b.i. do about it? we are learning that federal charges could come as early as today against the surviving suspect dzhokar tsarnaev. they are questioning the 19-year-old in his hospital bed. we can't confirm that. the reports are he is responding substantively via writing because they said he had shot himself in the head and mismisfiring and cannot speak. and older brother's wife, katherine russell she converted to islam at the request of her husband and could potentially be a treasure trove of information on this man. our chief correspondent catherine herridge joins us. >> reporter: that's right. investigators are focusing on tamerian tsarnaev trip to russia and whether he had contact with other suspected terrorists. republican briefed by
and deadly outreach from al qaeda. the terrorist group in an article entitled "how to make a bomb in your mom's kitchen." was this the man who helped the boston marathon bombers? "newsroom" special coverage of the boston marathon bombings begins right now. good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer rocketing live from boston. several major developments out of boston this morning. let's get you caught up, if you are just catching up on the latest developments back home. but far from back to normal. beginning next hour, police will take down the first barricades on boylston street, and allow business owners and residents to slowly but surely return home. we're learning more about the terror plot. who was involved? how did they develop it? and why? and the beginning of the end. police say sodzhokhar tsavraev newly released surveillance photos, after the release of an m.i.t. police officer and before the police shoot-out would leave him wounded and his brother dead. and more new developments this morning as well. we're learning about how tsavraev actua
was killed by american forces not too long ago. >> i think a foreign fighter al qaeda dimension of the chechen insurgency is really something that was more historical and really more of a problem before 9/11. al qaeda, you know, had members that would go to chechnya recently. and talking about ayman al zwari who is the leader was arrested in 1996 and spent six months in jail. he told the russians some story that wasn't true and they released him. so that's an indication that al qaeda certainly knows part of this well. i see this as more of a pre 9/11 period when the chechen war was at the height. and the detraction for foreigners, al qaeda, foreign firefighter has also received it as well. >> nic robertson, i appreciate you reporting. juliet kayyem, thank you very much. we are learning more about the suspect's family members. we are going to play you a conversation their mother had with kate walsh. she is still there. and tamerlan's wife katherine has given a brand new statement on the bond. we'll tell you what she is say. and later the unsolved murder of one of tamerlan's frien
however to consider, though. okay? not saying this is associated with the old al qaeda, but like-minded groups tend to pull good tactics off the shelf. in the case of the old al qaeda under bin laden, they were the masters of compartmentalization. we might not be surprised if he kept that information, if not all information, from his wife. now, there's a possibility that she may in some ways have been wh whitting. if he had that type of training, they're very good at the need to know. >> but this is an individual he had a relatively long relationship with. and you're suggesting that he might have been able to hide everything from her? any of his inclinations of hatred toward america if he had that feeling toward america? he would have hidden it all? >> yeah, these are the kind of things invariably being figured out right now. what happens, though, often in a situation like this, if, again, hypothetic hypothetical, someone's very good at compartmenting things. indicators may come out a wife, brother, immediate family or neighbors weren't aware of. then after the fact it starts to
if it is domestic or a foreign even if something that has from someone from the united states. >> you have an al-qaeda cookbooks in how to make bombs. this particular type of bomb was described in inspire magazine which is al-qaeda magazine how to make the bomb in kitchen of your mom was the title. essentially it's what al-qaeda has used and al-qaeda inspired groups have used in different incidents. they have used the shrapnel taped and glued to the side of the pressure cooker. they have used the exact same thing to have the explosive to do as much damage as possible to maim and kill as many people as possible in the vicinity. these particular explosives talking to intelligence officials and others here in washington were not huge. they were not massive explosives but they did cause damage and obviously three are dead. that number could rise since 17 are in critical condition. >> eric: the governor said that president obama will be visiting on boston on thursday. what do we expect to hear from him? >> it's an interfaith service. i expect we will hear from the president like in other services he has at
ott your water is because of this. the summer of 2006, a group of terrorists with links to al-qaeda planned to board a bunch of different planes at hea heathrow in london. to be flying from there to the united states and the way these guys were going to bomb the planes was by bringing soda bottles on board those planes that looked like they contained just soda or water, but in fact, they contained hydrogen peroxide and the other components needed to make bombs. the heathrow guys got caught before they did it, but it is now thanks to them that we have to buy humiliatingly tiny toiletries like this hair goo, right? it's not just security in this case. it's for a reason. hydrogen based bombs. the london bombings of 2005, those were al-qaeda linked terrorists and those were hydrogen peroxide based bombs. those killed 52 people. four years later, there was an american copy cat. in 2009, a guy tried to buy a bunch of hydrogen peroxide from beauty stores near aurora, colorado. it led to the arrest of this guy. he was going to do it in new york instead. on the subway. again, his plan was hy
about this magazine, which is al qaeda sponsored magazine called inspire and in 2010-very detailed account, some graphics and on the screen now, of exactly how you could create and use a pressure cooker as a bomb and it says in the first edition called make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom, it says the pressurized cooker should be placed in crowded areas, more than one of these can be planted to explode at the same time. keep in mind the range of shrapnel of the operation a short range and the pressurized cooker could be placed close to the intended targets and should not be concealed from a barrier such as a wall. what do you make of that? that is pretty specific device being published in a magazine that was believed to be created by al qaeda and its sympathizers. >> that is nothing new. the internet is a wonderful tool but it is also a terrible tool and anybody sitting in the basement right now could find out how to do these things. and magazines like that that have been around i think of the cookbook way back when that also taught many different things and i don't think you can
the attack by itself obviously they put the bomb in their mother's kitchen following the al qaeda instructions on how to make a bomb in your mother's kitchen which appears in inspire magazine. but we believe they did not act alone like mike referred earlier. they have gotten some professional help somehow in putting the bomb together and that's what -- maybe the older brother has been trained in russia when he went back on his trip as part of a bigger operation and they're just an implant in the united states as a part of many like them who are islamists, jihaddists, driven by the cause, yet they're operating in a different city. >> neil: there's a big difference between emphasizing and sympathizing with the brothers and claiming credit, the brothers or they, for what happened in boston. are you saying that these sites are beginning now to take credit and responsibility for the attack. they're not taking credit. these guys are part of the islamic -- doing the work they're doing and they must be a part of a larger cell. not only in members but also overseas. >> neil: "the los angel
puzzling. quote, the two men had direction and guidance from al-qaeda elements located in iran. now that makes no assistance because al-qaeda and sunni eight each other. that's like there was guidance go the united states. at least they made sure that it wasn't carried out no matter where they're from. of course, we're going to talk about boston and the rights associated withdhozvt dhozahar tsarnaev. but in order for me to do that i need to bring in my panel. we have joe williams from political reporter commentator and of course, national coverage editor--whatever reporter with politico. i'm reading all of these. and beth fouhy for yahoo news, and kevin cirilli. you can tell i'm in a fun mood. we want to give you an update. everyone knows that the younger brother was caught on friday after a shootout. i was watching all of joe's tweets on it. that's how i found out about it, literally. but let's watch that on abc. >> the bomb suspects now facing the death penalty. among those who lost their lives, 29-year-old crystal campbell the first of the victims to be laid to rest. the search f
or a person who part or substantially supported al qaeda, the taliban or associated forces engaged in hostilities against the united states. if you have groups inspired in chechnya or anywhere else killing american civilian and done by americans, isn't it the term that needs to change rather than the person doesn't fit the term? >> that's a great question. in fact, i think what you are pointing to is that authorization used military force which was drafted in the wake of 9/11 is outdated and doesn't fit the kind of changing threat that we are facing. we have seriously degraded al qaeda's core but now we are seeing spinoffs and self radicalized cases. and that's going to require a different approach and a different legal basis. simply because the threat environment has changed doesn't mean our constitution is so flexible that we can ignore its provisions. i do think that what we ought to call on the administration to do is come forward with a new structure and to articulate how the rule of law will support protecting the country in this new threat environment. there wasn't a case fo
investigators are considering whether the brothers read al qaeda's online magazine "inspire" to pick up bomb-making skills. of the quanicassee of the three pressure cooker bombs suggest hands on training. >> these individuals were able to reproduce weapons using crude materials off the shelf in an effective manner. that shows me that there is some training there. it's not just something that read. >> earlier today unnamed u.s. official says the working theory of investigators is that the two brothers act willed alone. after a briefing late tote the chairman and ranking member insisted to reporters it was premature to conclude there were no overseas ties adding the fbi is actively reconstructing the 26-year-old's six months in russia, bret. >> bret: thank you more on this with the panel. >> this is a fox news alert. the elvis impersonator has left the building. the part-time musician accused of sending tainted letters to president obama and republican senator is out of jail tonight. not only that all of the charges have now been dropped. the press conference just wrapping um in oxford, missis
in libya tells the state department and the department of defense that al qaeda flags are flying over benghazi, i can't defend my consulate against a coordinated attack, that you do something about it. that when a consulate is under attack and an ambassador is missing for 7 1/2 hours you have the ability to go to their rescue. and after the fact you don't lie to the american people. >> lie to the american people? what does boston benghazi? that's not a clip from last year. that's a clip from this morning. critics on the right are now using the boston attacks to attack the president. to slow down immigration reform. even to talk about trayvon martin. it's not right. joining me now, krystal ball and joan walsh. chris krystal, are you surprised just eight days after the bombing you're hearing stuff like this from a top republican like lindsey graham. >> the only thing you need to know about lindsey gram right now is that he's running for re-election. even though he knows better, even though he knows that dzhokhar, for example, is not going to be tried as an enemy combatant, even though h
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and others they say were partly attributed to them, praising osama bin laden and al qaeda and the like, we spoke with some high school friends of dzhokhar. they said he was a normal guy. and they are stunned at the developments. did he ever talk politics. >> never with him. really casual, hang out, smoke pot every now and then, listen to rap music, nothing out of the ordinary, i would not put him aside from my other friends. >> reporter: did he ever talk about america or any hatred for the country. >> not at all, we did not talk about pro america or i'm against america, if i have to pick i wouud never assume he would have those views at all. >> reporter: he lived in cambridge with his mother, there was a controlled explosion at his house by authorities earlier, there is always a concern for potential booby-traps in the house, we have no update on that, but we're expecting an update here this the watertown in about a half hour, we'll bring that you when it develops. melissa: eric thank you. and we're expecting a press conference at 5:30, we will keep our eye on that, if any information come
out an al qaeda attack on a passenger train between canada and the united states. we'll tell you about the damage they hope to inflict in a life report. a lot of news. it is tuesday, april 23rd. a special edition of "starting point" begins right now. >>> he can hardly speak but terror suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is talking or at least communicating, big new developments this morning in the boston marathon bombing investigation. cnn's jake tapper has learned that tsarnaev is communicating with investigators, and claims that he and his brother pulled off last week's bombing of the marathon and also that their motivation seems to be that of jihadists. cnn's chief washington correspondent and anchor of "the lead" jake tapper is with us this morning. and jake, what are your sources telling you about these communications. >> u.s. government source tells me that in these preliminary interviews with dzhokhar tsarnaev, and he underlines they're preliminary, all the information that dzhokhar is giving needs to be checked out, that investigators are not taking his word for it, but what he is saying
get better at it. >> we know al qaeda had been active in the chechen region. we believe they designed this pressure cooker bomb in boston by looking at plans posted on an al qaeda website. that does not make this an al qaeda linked separation, nl necessarily, but from what you've said and to andrew's point from the russian government saying watch out for this guy, how would you read this? >> al qaeda has been fragmented. after our operations in southwest asia, it's fragmented. so the central head direction of al qaeda doesn't exist any more. >> so al qaeda is more of an idea now. >> yes. it's good news and bad news. there's no central direction. that's good news. but it's bad news. it's all fragmented now and so there are lots of mom and pop al qaeda operations and apparently is one of them. >> does this change your view on profiling? religious, race or anything? >> i'm not adverse to profiling. there's nothing more to be said about that. >> we know most terrorist actions are men aged 18 to 25 years old, general lly loners, right? you don't even need to go on race. you can say if you'
with ties to al qaeda but al qaeda in iran. >>brian: you think you had a bad day at work? this guy was fired after his first two words. >> you're watching the evening report sunday on nbc north dakota news, your news leader in high definition. [bleep] [bleep]. >>brian: being a tv anchor is not as easy as it looks, people. "fox & friends" starts... now. >>steve: come to work in the morning and they put the microphone on us, you've got to leave certain words in the other room. >>gretchen: yes. we do hope. he must have been looking down at his script and didn't like what he was seeing. that was what he was reacting to. can you imagine doing your first [bleep]. >>brian: by the way, if you were watching yesterday -- >>gretchen: no. he's looking down before he's going to say his first words ever on tv and he must have not liked the script he had been assigned because he gives two swear words, and then it went downhill from then and it never appeared on a newscast. i feel bad. he moved all his stuff to bismarck, and now he doesn't have a job. he's from west virginia. he moved all his stuff to bisma
on times square in 2010 by shahzad and also we have to remember "inspire" magazine for al qaeda in arabian peninsula called for terrorist attacks on sports events iconic events. this is both, boston marathon and patriots day is almost the iconic all american event. mass killing of civilians. again, we don't know for certain but, to me, i think we have to be looking toward either al qaeda or off shoot of al qaeda or a self-starter here in the united states, a homegrown terrorist. >> bill: well, i mean, i think the fbi fairly soon will ascertain exactly what the profile is. in fact, there is a press conference coming up around 8:30 we will go to that immediately and the fbi and the boston authorities in a combined press conference. but, at this point, we don't want to speculate, but we do know what it was designed to kill and maim. maim, this is a very disturbing part. the reports are there was shrapnel and ball bearings and things like that. other eyewitness reports have reports of limbs being "boston blown off in horrific way. this wasn't designed to do anything other than create chaos and
banners of karzan, a prophesy evoked by osama bin laden and extreme al qaeda terrorists. and put that together with one other clue. what the uncle said today, which was very interesting. at one point, he said, somebody radicalized them. so for years, now, we've been hearing the warnings of counterterrorism experts about individuals who may go abroad in the united states, come from -- leave the united states, go abroad and become radicalized. and this may be the example that proves their warnings more than any other. it certainly had the biggest impact of any other terrorist case. of any terrorist case we've seen in recent years. >> your insights are very much appreciated. we're going to pick up on them. i'm joined by retired special a.t.f. agent. as well as cliff van zandt. with a welcome to you both. let's pick up on this radicalized notion. we have a description, a very heartfelt description, where one almost feels sad and sympathetic to the unk cle of these two brothers from maryland and he said, you know, i abhor what they've done, he wants no association with them whatsoever
now, one of the only links we have as the chechen involve in the al-qaeda mov movement. are there other conspirators out there? where do they get the radicalization? are there mosques or imam we should look at? who did his brother meet with in russia, chechnya? these are questions that can be contained only if he does not get miranda rights. right now, there is a public safety exception, that will expire in 48 hours. if that, he can lawyer up and stay quiet. i'm not interested -- he will be convicted one way or another. right now they need to get intelligence. this is a unique opportunity to go to treasure throw of intelligence. >> chris: excuse me, i want to get to intelligence. i know you have been briefed this week. what can you tell us about plot at this point? was there foreign involvement? what do you know of anything about the older brother, tamerlan's trip to russia last year? >> we do not know specifics. however we do know there was likely a call from russia. before he went back to tagastan and chechnya, asking about it. conjecture would lead one to believe it
as the chechen involve in the al-qaeda mov movement. are there other conspirators out there? where do they get the radicalization? are there mosques or imam we should look at? who did his brother meet with in russia, chechnya? these are questions that can be contained only if he does not get miranda rights. right now, there is a public safety exception, that will expire in 48 hours. if that, he can lawyer up and stay quiet. i'm not interested -- he will be convicted one way or another. right now they need to get intelligence. this is a unique opportunity to go to treasure throw of intelligence. >> chris: excuse me, i want to get to intelligence. i know you have been briefed this week. what can you tell us about plot at this point? was there foreign involvement? what do you know of anything about the older brother, tamerlan's trip to russia last year? >> we do not know specifics. however we do know there was likely a call from russia. before he went back to tagastan and chechnya, asking about it. conjecture would lead one to believe it may have come from him running jihadist site on his website
was sentenced to life in prison. has closeational who associations with al qaeda is not currently in this system. we have acquired by able intelligence from him to the process that is allowed in the system. so this is absolutely the right way to go and the appropriate way to go. and when it comes to united states citizens, it is against the law to try them in military commissions. >> does the president believe that there is a system in place to adequately target and deal with lone operators, those who may not be tied to some kind of larger extremist organization? >> you have heard the president and many others address the evolving threats that we have as a nation. as we have taken the fight to al qaeda and have met with significant progress in removing from the battlefield senior members of al qaeda central, we have seen other threats develop and emerge. and john brennan, the president, many others, the attorney general have spoken about those threats. i would not in any way characterize the suspects in this investigation in any way with regards to that question because that is something that is
. he said the brothers built the bomb with guidance from an online publication put out by the al qaeda off shoot in yemen called "inspire." it's written in english with instructions on how to build a bomb used last week. tsarnaev told authorities the motive for their attack has to do with their religious fervor, he and his brother, and anger over the united states' wars in afghanistan and iraq. meanwhile told we're seeing new images from that dramatic shooting in watertown at 1:00 a.m. friday morning. they come from an eyewitness whose apartment overlooked the fire fight. the brothers are seen there crouching behind a car. at least one of them seems to be firing. the car on the right is that mercedes suv that was carjacked earlier in the night. in this last photo, by the way, the red circle is, it's reported, highlighting what the eyewitness believes was a pressure cooker bomb. there it is. anyway, there are also two new photos today showing dzhokhar earlier in the night at an atm machine allegedly using a debit card from the man he and his brother carjacked to withdraw the cash. i'm j
u.s. troops in 2011 has resulted in the research of al qaeda, increasing the violence and growing caribbean influence. the picture of iraq looks increasingly violent. obamahanistan, president is making the same mistakes based on arbitrary time lines and without a finding the underlining the objectives strategy and mission. in my office last week, we discussed the need to have capability to support the afghan security forces and counter- terrorism efforts. when making decisions about our mission, the president should listen more to the professional military commanders on the front lines and less to the political advisers in the west wing. this committee was told he recommends possibly 20,000 troops remain in afghanistan after 2014. that would be about 13,600 u.s. troops, about half that many international forces. our commander tells us the mission should be to continue counter-terrorism efforts and train and it finds afghan security forces. for those missions across the whole afghanistan, 8000 to 12,000 troops is an unreasonable target. the fact that this administration has in zero
the hospital. moments away. >> then this teen was boarding a flight heading out of the country to join al-qaeda. that's when he was nabbed by the f.b.i. details on this breaking story out of chicago this morning. >> and an emotional return for red sox fans. to fenway park. >> ♪ touching me ♪ touching you ♪ sweet caroline [ all singing ] ♪ good times never seen so good ♪ >> more on the surprise performance by neil diamond. "fox & friends" hour one begins right here. ♪ ♪ >> good morning again, everyone. we have a fox news alert for you. so much new information on what has happened in boston and the suspect. great to be with you. clayton morris, tucker. wonderful to you guys. under heavy guard and the bombing suspect is inside a massachusetts hospital following his capture friday night. >> that's where molly lion joins us from boston with the latest on his condition. molly? >> good morning, guys. well, dzhokhar tsarnaev is inside under treatment and under heavy guard, as you mentioned. no word whether or not he can communicate. but outside fenway park yesterday afternoon, governor ed
's pierre thomas is tracking that. officials believe there was some al qaeda involvement here. >> reporter: yes, they do, george. and authorities say this new plot is a sobering reminder that the threat of terror remains real and quite diverse. >> terrorists are going to try to hurt us every possible way. >> reporter: this morning, this man and another suspect will appear in court to face charges for conspiring to derail a train traveling from new york to toronto, killing hundreds. the alleged plan to plant bombs to destroy the tracks and derail the trains. the target, an amtrak passenger line, which partners with canada's via rail. it's a busy route. which thousands of commuters from albany to buffalo use every year. the service also crosses one of the most spectacular bridges in north america. >> had this plot been carried out, it would have resulted in innocent people being killed or seriously injured. >> reporter: the suspects had done surveillance on trains in the toronto area. but canadian authorities, with the help of the fbi, broke up the plot before it became operational. canadian
administration's decision to withdraw u.s. troops in 2011 has resulted in the research of al qaeda, increasing the violence and growing caribbean influence. the picture of iraq looks increasingly violent. in afghanistan, president obama is making the same mistakes based on arbitrary time lines and without a finding the underlining the objectives strategy and mission. in my office last week, we discussed the need to have capability to support the afghan security forces and .ounter-terrorism efforts about ourg decisions mission, the president should listen more to the professional military commanders on the front lines and less to the political advisers in the west wing. this committee was told he recommends possibly 20,000 troops remain in afghanistan after 2014. that would be about 13,600 u.s. troops, about half that many international forces. our commander tells us the mission should be to continue counter-terrorism efforts and train and it finds afghan security forces. missions across the whole afghanistan, 8000 to 12,000 troops is an unreasonable target. the fact that this administration ha
cookers for years. in 2010, the failed times square bomber tried to use one. an al qaeda internet site provides a step by step manual in how to build a pressure cooker bomb. and this demonstration video from nepal news shows their potential power. >> we find the pressure cooker bombs are used quite extensive in afghanistan and pakistan. so in other words, this is a very similar device to the ieds that we have found throughout afghanistan used to kill our soldiers. >> law enforcement officials say there is still no solid evidence that links the marathon bombs to al qaeda or to anyone else. but tuesday, there was a new plea for help in trying to identify the bomber. >> any individual who expressed a desire to target the marathon, suspicious interest in researching how to create explosive devices, the noise of explosions in remote areas prior to yesterday which may have been used as tests by those responsible for these acts. someone who appeared to be carrying a unusually heavy dark colored bag yesterday around the time of the blasts and in the vicinity of the blasts. >> reporter: the eff
. you're involved in the investigation with the bombing of the uss coll in yemen, the al qaeda plot. describe the scene. what are they looking at? >> these are still photographs and video they have been able to obtain from various sources, department stores, individuals, television stations, and this is figuring prominently in to the investigation. it was reported earlier today that the photographic evidence is what has led to the identification of a person. it is important now to not jump the gun. there's a lot of difference between identifying somebody in terms of -- you can see them is a male carrying a backpack versus having a name, address, social security, identification .umber, a birthday days are two different things, knowing what someone looks like an -- these are two different things, some on the site and knowing who's someone is. >> are they going through the pictures frame by frame? are they looking at a particular angle? >> this is the starting point that takes you from the crime scene out to people, and then from people you understand motives. and that gets to the stra
-- time. >> seven members of an al qaeda cell have reportedly been arrest in the united arab emirates. authorities say they were plotting attacks in the gulf federation. they're one of the most stable countries in the middle east and has so far not seen any attacks by al qaeda. opposition leaders in bahrain are planning to step up protests ahead of this week's formula one race. a major demonstration is expected on friday as activists demand the race be cancelled because of the country's poor human rights record. formula one officials have promised the grand prix will go ahead. u.s. president barack obama has criticized republican senators for rejecting gun control legislation. the bill would have extended background checks on gun buyers. victims of gun violence were on hand to witness the bill's defeat. >> those campaigning for tighter gun laws always knew they'd face an uphill battle in congress. even to push through one of the least controversial measures expanding background checks on people who want to buy guns. it got a majority, but still failed because republicans forced what's
new terror plot foiled. ties to al qaeda, and targeting americans on the passenger train. and also tonight, what abc news has learned the boston bombing suspect is now revealing from his hospital bed. >>> planes and pain. air travelers backed up across the country today. spending cuts reduce the number of air-traffic controllers. will the big delays get worse, and what about safety? >>> rising waters in america's towns. kayaking down the street. tonight, the race to help americans inside the flood zone. >>> and rising up. meet the dancer who lost a foot in the boston bombing, determined to dance again. >>> good evening. as we begin a new week together after that marathon of strength and fear and courage in boston. and we do have news tonight about the suspect in that bombing. but we're going to begin with late word of a brand new terror plot that was foiled by police. the target was a passenger train, set to travel from new york to toronto, and the arrested men allegedly were getting help from al qaeda terrorists living in iran. we wondered, does this foiled plot have any connectio
frustraron un plan terrorista que al parecer contaba con la red al qaeda, para descorrÍ lar un tren de pasajeros. angie sandoval lo tiene todo. los ataques no eran inminentes pero si reales. tras el arresto de 2 sujetos, que segÚn la policÍa conspiraron para cometer un ataque terrorista contra una lÍnea de ferrocarriles en canadÁ. >>> al descorrÍ lar el tren de pasajeros. lo abusados planeaban matar a personas e impactar negativamente la economÍa. >>> los arrestados son... su nacionalidad no se dio a conocer, segÚn la policÍa no son canadienses, solo residentes de montreal y toronto. la policÍa canadiense, no detallo en quÉ tren estaban planeando el atentado. sin embargo, la investigaciÓn sobre este caso, comenzÓ el aÑo pasado con la participaciÓn de el fbi. la lÍnea de ferrocarriles en estados unidos reaccionÓ a la investigaciÓn abierta. a firmando que continuaran cooperando con las autoridades canadienses. >>> nadie puede bajar la guardia nuestra calidad de vida y la de la ciudadanÍa estÁ bajo amenaza. afirmÓ el agente. >>> los arrestados no tienen relaciÓn con l
, tendrÍan vÍnculos con al qaeda, atentado en boston repercute en la reforma migratoria. y testimonios de un pueblo afectado por una violenta explosiÓn en texas, comenzamos. >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn" edicion nocturna, con ilia calderÓn y enrique acevedo. >>> hola quÉ tal. buenas noches, enrique estarÁ en la semana en una asignaciÓn especial, el sospechoso de cometer atentados de boston se comunicÓ con autoridad, hasta en la habitaciÓn de hospital llego el juez para instruirlo de cargos, dijo que actuaron solos que no son parte de una cellua terrorista, vilma tiene mÁs detalles. >>> cÓmo se encuentra hospitalizado en condiciÓn seria, la magistrada de la corte federal fue al centro mÉdico y le leyÓ cargos formales por usar armas de destrucciÓn masiva, y explosivos, le preguntÓ si podrÍa contestar preguntas y le dijo que sÍ con su cabeza. la magistrada le leyÓ derechos constitucionales, y le preguntÓ si los habÍa entendido, lo asintiÓ con la cabeza. >>> son dos cargos federales que tiene como pena posible la pena de muerte. >>> les comunicÓ a los agentes que no
from al qaeda elements in iran. nbc news has learned from both u.s. and canadian authorities that trains originating in the u.s. were among those scouted as possible targets. the investigation called "operation smooth" has been ongoing for the last year with help from the fbi and u.s. department for homeland security. canadian authorities emphasize the plot was still in its planning stages and the public was never in any imminent danger but the suspects had both the capacity and intent to follow through. officials say there is no connection to these suspects and the boston marathon bombing. >> stephanie, thank you so much. stephanie gosk with that. >>> bill karins joining us now. may is just a week away, but don't tell the snow falling, right? in colorado. >> don't show it. people don't want to see this anymore. >> i've got to do it, my friend. three denver highways closed last night because of icy conditions. more of that is expected this afternoon. into the afternoon, actually. bill karins? >> i want to see people on the beach in california. you wanted to see the snow. >> t
al al qaeda, no habÍa una amenaza inminente. continuaron audiencias de la reforma migratoria en el comitÉ judicial del senado, en medio de detractores y quienes la apoyan, el 84% de norteamericanos favorece la legalizaciÓn, pero senadores republicanos dijeron que ninguna medida que incluya un camino a la ciudadanÍa avanzarÍa en el congreso. el proyecto es apoyado por catÓlicos en estados unidos, creen que beneficiarÍa a millones y mejor arÍa la seguridad del paÍs. nos hablan de la conferencia de obispos catÓlicos. >>> 70 millones de catÓlicos de los 78 millones apoyan la reforma migratoria que ofrezca un camino a la ciudadanÍa, lo dice un estudio de la conferencia de obispos catÓlicos que apoyan la legalizaciÓn del mayor nÚmero de indocumentados en el paÍs. >>> es algo que tiene bastante tiempo que no se dio, es algo que en verdad necesitamos, entonces en mi opiniÓn es muy difÍcil mirar lo negativo, o porque no quisieran lo que es una reforma migratoria. >>> los ataques terroristas de boston que se responsabiliza a dos inmigrantes legales, es una sombra. >>> van a
hand al-qaeda type attacks usually focus on large concentration shins of pedestrians and people such as buses stadiums, trains, not necessarily open wide streets. so there weren't that many casualties. as many as there were which is tragic it didn't kill as many as al-qaeda has killed in the past. remember this was the first successful bombing since 9/11. all other previous terrorist attacks there have been 95 attempted attacks were stopped by the f.b.i. except for three and those three occurred with shooting attacks so we knew the perpetrator immediately. this was the first successful bombing done since 9/11. >> is there anything in here that tells you that this was domestic related? >> well, i mean you kcan go bot ways on it. obviously you know tax day may be a protest but if tax day and you were protesting the government you would want to hit a government facility. my leaning is that considering the person of interest who they picked up and not necessarily guilty i want to add is of foreign origin that this looks like it's leaning toward that direction. >> do you have a sense
an al qaeda-inspired terrorist attack, which is quite a fate considering how hard it is for them to go under cover. folk, i would like to say a word to our friends up north-- you canadians are a brave and heroic people. if i have said it once, this is the one time i said it. ( laughter ) ( applause ) ( cheers ) ladies and gentlemen, i-- i want all my maple-blood brothers to know that we would put it on the line to protect you if there was anyone who disliked you. ( laughter ) so thank you, canada. this is the greatest gift you have given our country since your years of service providing a plausible place for our nonexistent girlfriends to be from. ( laughter ). and i am not-- i am not the only newsman showing canada the proper respect, shep. >> let's get the details. in english and in french. it's how they roll. and they're still saying hole over there and they're going to say hello for a long time. they do-- you know, god love canada but they-- they-- they're not great at the television. ( laughter ). >> stephen: shep's right, they're not great at the television. they just waste time
, nbc news, washington. >> thank you, tracy. 4:36. the two suspects in the first known al qaeda terrorist plot in court head to court. canadian authorities carried out two men that wanted to carry out a major terrorist attack on a passenger train from toronto to new york. both men are believed to have ties to an al qaeda cell based in iran and have been under surveillance since august. a bail hearing is set for today in toronto. >> a prominent defense attorney fighting to keep her law license after admitting to smuggling out of jail a hit list for her client. lor lorna brown going before the state bar for an administrative trial. confessing to hiding a hand-written note in her legal papers after visiting him in 2010. that note contained a list of people whom bay allegedly wanted dead. he was convicted of ordering the murders of oakland journalist, chauncey bailey and two other men in 2007. brown could be disbarred for the offense. >>> a san francisco city attorney wants to know why dozens of mentally ill patients are being shipped to the bay area. published reports claiming the
of the hall marks of terrorism. al qaeda affiliated or inspired groups will try to hit one blast try to cause people to run away and try to hit you at the place where you ran to and there were some reports the second blast was biering than the first. >> this is hallmark of al qaeda one of their operations. >> part of the theory of what happened if they were detonated because they were so close you have two guys dropping two bags you have one guy who dropped both of them and then he is going to detonate them by a cell phone. apparently they have subpoenaed cell phone records from the area. they will try to triangulate where everybody was if there was a signal sent out nearby at 2:50. keep in mind boston marathon day, it's a big party day. a number of the restaurants nearby in boyleton people were outside having lunch, having drinks, cops ran over within seconds minutes of the race. everybody put down your cell phone, put them down, don't touch them. >> they my be the trigger. >> the bomber. >> last night there was a report from the wall street journal among other publications there may be as m
the indications of being al qaeda or al qaeda-affiliated attack. >> there are no suspects. officials are tracking multiple "persons of interest" including a man of middle eastern descent being treated at a local hospital. president obama urged against a rush to judgment not using the word "terrorism" but vowed justice for those responsible. >> make no mistake we will get to the bottom of this. we will find out who did this. we will find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice. >> cities across the country this morning are on high alert for other potential plots, officials say if you see something, say something but the best advise is keep living your life. >> i realize there is no one in custody but is there anything at all that points to the work of international terrorists in this attack? >> officials point out it is significant that no group or individual in this case has claimed responsibility for the attack. they are pouring over the imprint of the bomb trying to compare it to past bombings, other bombs in the so-called
they're safe as well. we know that al-qaeda has camps with the drug cartel on the other side of the mexican border. we know people have been trained to act like they're hispanic when they're radical islamists. we know this is happening and it's insane not to protect yourself and make sure people come in, as most people do, they want the freedoms we have. >> cenk: so now apparently al-qaeda is acting like hispanic. i'm not sure i know what that means, guys, but working hard, loving your family. >> what is he talking about? he's talking about so many things and trying to connect things that don't connect. if you're talking about acting line hispanic, i guess you could say, middle eastern people and hispanic people sometimes have similar features or complexions but i'm not sure what he's suggesting that we do. >> cenk: i think he's slightly off balanced, mentally. >> absolutely. >> cenk: he is actually a sitting u.s. congress person. he thinks there are big al-qaeda camps on the other side of the border like they're getting ready to cross the border, and training how to act hisp
for the actions remains wide open. they will be looking for computer traffic for the al-qaeda web magazine inspire that has an how to guide for pressure cooker bombs. aunt is questioning all the evidence against them. >> bill: i thought we were going to listen to an interview there. you have been talking to sources it's been seven months since benghazi. you describe a chilling effect since that incident. >> reporter: that is personal observation. >> bill: what are you hearing? >> it's based on personal observations but one of the things i noted this week is that the intelligence community has been more cautious in its approach and especially the briefings to lawmakers offer citing that the situation remains fluid. there is a sense they want to move slowly and deliberately and not put out premature analysis what relationships may be domestically or overseas given the fallout from the analysis on benghazi which proved to be wrong. >> bill: could be a telling observation through all of this. thank you. long hours back in washington, d.c. it is much appreciated. as the manhunt continues for the suspec
, unfortunately, are playing out in some ways, al-qaeda, and they have a difficult job. >> they are on the rise and the political process is broken. when it comes back to afghanistan, a frustrating country, and i think the detainee agreement you have negotiated is a good one, really resolves the issues in a good way for us, so my question, really, is now the time, given all the things going on in the world, to really be engaged in sequesteration? >> well, senator, i wish we weren't. i'm right with you on this, but as i have beenonsntly re allmindedorning, it's the law of the land, so we have a responsibility to deal with that law, and we are. >> the people who made the law, we have the ability to choose to replace it. it's not that i don't want to put us on a sound financial footing, but i don't want to score the military in the process, so between now and this year, we have to talk about that in detail, how we end the war in afghanistan, and general dempsey, what would winning look like in afghanistan? do you agree with the definition of winning? >> yeah, i do, senator. by the way, thank you p
or they were the agent of a foreign power. in the case of al-qaeda and the taliban if you could show that an individual was a member of al-qaeda or taliban then there may be some legal grounds to detain them and try them as an enemy combatant rather than in federal court. but this is masked in legal clothing. it's not actually a legal argument, and we shouldn't confuse these two things. the argument they're making is we should presume from the beginning that any incident involving islamic militancy is some how tied into al-qaeda. as i said, i've done research on this region and this particular conflict for 15 years. while the militants in chechnya have adopted al-qaeda ideology the connection is very slim and they have very different objectives that are very local very parochial and have a lot of to do with russia and very little to do with the united states. >> john: i agree and you're characterizing that as a political approach is profoundly diplomatic. scholar and attorney, christopher swift, thank you for coming tonight. >> thank you. >> john: thank you. one good thing may come o
evening. that terror plot officials say the suspects were helpeded by al qaeda in iran. abc 7 news reporter pierre thomas has the latest. >> deadly plot to derail a busy people train en route from new york to top to. murdering hundreds. >> had this plot been carried out it would have resulted in innocent people being killed or seriously injured. >> target amtrak passenger line with canada by rail. thousands office people use targeted route from new york penn station to toronto every year. service crosses one of the most spectacular bridges in north america. the plan involved planting bomb to blow up track and derail the trains. >> by derailing a train they were actually we were looking at real threat to kill people. hurt people. >> 2 arrest suspect that began surveillance of trains in the toronto area. authorities had been watching them since august of last year. plot was disrupted before it became operational. >> here's one of the suspects in handcuffs. says corted today by police. up expected twist. canadian authorities claim there's a link to al qaeda and iran. >> signif
states. >> the attack may have been inspire by al qaeda and the preachings of radical jihaddest anwar al-awlaki and are focused on his older brother killed on thursday as the possible brains behind the attack. of particular interest is his trip to russia last year. a neighbor said he returned more extreme. >> he said that bible is a cheap copy of the koran and that most person wars are an excuse of the bible. >> boston is moving on. the scene of the bombing is no longer an f.b.i. crime scene. hundreds turned out at memorials to remember the dead including 23-year-old graduate student. >> we will keep running to finish the race for you. we will try to realize your unfinished dream. >> of the more than 200 people injured in the boston marathon bombings, 48 are still in the hospital recovering. the good news is that doctors say all are expected to survive and continue with their lives. eric? >> thank you. >> we are learning new details of the suspect's bother, massachusetts court officials say that the mother of the 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev has an outstanding warrant for an incident in
four bullet points. one says "an operationally ineffective al qaeda deprived of a safe haven from which to plan and conduct operations outside the area." have you seen any change there? >> over the years i have, senator. >> i they don't have a safe haven anymore in pakistan? >> they have a same haven inside of afghanistan in some areas, we're disrupting them but they have a sanctuary in pakistan. >> have you seen any progress there, the safe haven in pakistan? >> the progressive seen inside of afghanistan first -- >> my question is pakistan. >> they have not been able to conduct effective operations nor plan operations from pakistan. >> they don't have a safe haven in pakistan? >> they are still physically there. they are not able to plan and conduct operations from there at this point. >> well, that's very interesting news. today in the press clip, it says reduction of opium by afghans is up again. production is up. according to the united nations counter narcotics official, afghanistan is already the world's largest producer of opium and last year accounted for 74% of the world's opiu
but we know there are al qaeda elements of this revolution. let's stop, this is not a good idea. until we know who's side we should be on. this administration turns against its allies and tries to buy off its enemies. so, if this administration were going to be consistent, it would seem that the thing to do , the thing possibly to expect is for this administration to offer something as the clinton administration did, to north korea, hey, you know, we'll build you a nuclear plant, we'll do something, if you'll just promise us that you won't develop nuclear weapons. well, we saw how that worked. madeline albright and president clinton worked out a heck of a deal. we helped them get nuclear weapons. because of the naivety of that administration. and now we're faced with a very difficult situation and also understanding of north korea continues on this path and iran is not stopped, that what north korea has iran may have and then no one in israel will be safe at all. and israel is considered in their minds the -- in radical islamists' minds the little satan and we're the great satan. and i me
had the al qaeda situation in 2001, we know it was done institutionally. poolroom systemic enemy. for. a lot will be found out as to how this thing did. the long-term implications are obviously less than is known. >> i concur. we are learning in terms of boston. the first responders, the the fbi, protocols, i have no reason to think there will be any overreaction or breach of normal covert -- protocol's put into place. >> other questions? i will call on the general, because we have had questions on the efficacy of torture as beneficial to the united states unofficialcould you comment? >> first of all, as we approach the question of what brooder can and cannot produce, it became quickly evident there were many claims made at harsh interrogation, torture, whenever you wish to college, we have run into the euphemism frequently, enhanced interrogation techniques, that this somehow works and is a justifiable means of obtaining information. laura harsh interrogation works and ought to be used, at least in some cases, where there is a particular significant threat that is involved. the claim
disaffecting his life. al qaeda has designed this thing to have this spider web around the world. and something changes in people's lives, we can go back to the 9/11 highjackers, something can change as well. >> should be carefully here joining any definitive connection between these guys and al qaeda right now, correct? >> i think that's true, we don't have the facts but we do know that he went away and came back and he changed his appearance and planted the bombs and then he became a suicide bomber. there's a lot of facts that add up that respect even supposition. it is going to change out, something changed in his life, like clint was describing, something big changed, he came back, all of a sudden, bombs planted in a suicide vest that's certainly one of the ideals of al qaeda. i agree the facts remain to be seen but a pretty radical change. >> clint what do we know about the six months that the 26-year-old, that the older brother that six months he was in russia? do we know a great deal about what he was doing there? >> that's what we are trying to get a handle on, we know the russian fis,
an arrest in canada, where two suspects are accused of planning a terror plot with al qaeda assistants. we'll tell you how investigators say they prevented an attack. >>> raising the middle for cigarettes. why critics say bad idea. >>> the suspect in the boston marathon bombings admitted to investigators, he and his brother were motivated by religion but says they were not in contact with overseas terror groups. dzhokhar tsarnaev has been charged with making weapons of mass destruction, making a court appearance from his hospital room, bed ridden, he was described as cooperative, forced to write his answers, yes or no. all this as boston fell into silence at 2:50 p.m. to remember the 180 injured and three killed a week ago. joining frus boston, nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert. lou, where do we stand on this investigation this morning? >> reporter: good morning, bill. some fascinating developments over the last days of this suspect. you just mentioned right there he has become cooperative with investigators. he is still injured in the throat and tongue area. so he has not b
the suspects were getting help from members of al qaeda in iran. the information did not come as a surprise to the cia and they say al qaeda has had a presence in iran since 2001 but they deny that al qaeda is operating from within their borders. >>> he is accused of sending poison to president barack obama and a judge and a senator. lawyers for kevin curtis said he should be released because there is no physical evidence connecting him to the crime. they did not find anything after they searched his home and a search of his computers did not turn up any evidence but they are still searching for an external hard drive. >> they are trying to drill secretary of homeland security janet napolitano on boarder security and as kyla campbell reports, it is the second one this week on the new immigration bill. >> reporter: they are picking apart the immigration reform bill from last week and they are expected to focus on boarder security. skeptical republicans said the obama administration record is poor but they say something needs to be done but 11 million undocumented immigrants are not going to
by the taliban and by al qaeda in afghanistan. they're very effective weapons, they try to pick these up wherever they can. they use them to make their ieds. >> the fbi is investigating as an act of terrorism. any time bombs are used to target civilians, it is an act of terror. >> reporter: terror, he went on to say, murder, maiming, traumatic amputations by persons unknown, nationality unknown, allegiance unknown. his homeland security secretary ruling out a broader plot. a high-level source going further. >> the senior u.s. official is now telling me that, quote, there is no reporting indicating a foreign connection or any reaction from al qaeda. >> so it might be the video that tells for the forensics. the crime scene still hot, still active. it's already borne witness to ordinary people doing extraordinary things to stop the bleeding, to ease the suffering and to start the healing. >> well, more now on the investigation. the fbi saying fragments of a pressure cooker found at the scene as well as shreds of what might be black nylon bags. that plus the photo we showed you a minute ago that migh
is there are certain bombs that they have bomb footprints. maybe certain ieds used by the taliban by groups such as al-qaeda. any indication from your law enforcement sources that they have any suspicions at this point? >> what i hear at this point in time is they can't rule anything out. it's way too early in the game. they have to look at this device, they have to look at how it is built, they have to look at how devices over in the middle east were built and have been utilized. and pressure cooker bombs have been used in the middle east,@% especially pakistan. they know that. but they also, as i said, it's a very common bomb, if you will. so they have to look at everything. as one person said to me, what was the message of the bomber? what were they trying to say? it's very hard to rule out for anybody at this point in time, the date. it was tax day, it was four or five days before the anniversary of waco. it was patriots day in boston and this was a celebration that was honoring the newtown victims. there's a lot of american, if you will, symbolism around all the elements of the bombing that all the inv
in al qaeda and the overall islamist movement, and we don't know are there other explosives out there? where do they get the radicalism? are there mosques, imams he's meeting with? who did his brother meet be when he was in chechnya? these are only questions that can be obtained if he does not get his miranda rights. even though, there's the public safety exception. that's going to expire in 48 hours, and after that, he can lawyer up and refuse to speak. right now is the only opportunity to go into the treasure trove of information that only he has. >> excuse me, congressman. i do want to get to the intelligence because i know you both have been briefed by the administration this week. senator feinstein, what can you tell us about the plot at this point? was there any foreign involvement, and especially, what do you know, if anything, about the older brother, tamerlan's trip to russia last year? >> we do not know specifics. however, we do know there was very likely a call from russia before he went back to dagistan and chechnya asking about it. i think just conjecture would lead one t
with russia, but they've also made an alliance with al qaeda. you have to understand they've worked with al qaeda in pakistan, afghanistan, one of my constituent's sons was killed in iraq by nine chechen rebels, so they're in the fight. >> the younger brother, dzhokhar's russian social media page listed several chechen causes. and when he was assigned by his high school english teacher to write an essay about something that he felt passionate about, he chose the troubled land of his ancestors, chechnya. as evidence of the continued and deep fracture between the two countries, in 2011, the fbi questioned tamerlan tsarnaev after russia expressed concerns about his radicalization, but yesterday the dagestan affiliate denied having any connection to the brothers. in a statement the group announced it was not fighting against the united states of america. we are at war with russia, which is not only responsible for the occupation of the caucasus but also for the heinous crime against muslims. president obama has not addressed chechnya in any measurable way. the administration remains squarely fo
combatant is aauthoriz committed the attacks of september 11th, 2001 or a person that supported al qaeda or the taliban. now that worked back when the combat was related to 9/11. but if it has spread and you all of a sudden have extremist groups whether inspired in chechnya or somewhere else killing american civilians and done by americans, isn't it the term that needs to change rather than us say the person doesn't fit the term? >> well, erin, that's a great question. in fact, i think what you're pointing to is that authorization used military force which was drafted in the wake of 9/11 is really outdated and doesn't fit the kind of changing threat that we're facing. we ear seriousry degraded al qaeda's core. but now we're seeing the spinoffs and franchises and a lot of self radicalized cases. and that's going to require a different approach and a different legal basis. but simply because the threat environment changed doesn't mean that our constitution is so flexible that we can ignore its provisions. i do think that what we ought to call the administration to do is come forward with a
walk an enemy combatant. he was the spokesman for al qaeda after 9/11. this president has not designated anyone as an enemy combatant. what does that matter? all the information that led las from enemy combatant that we interrogate the over a long period of time. i want to be able to talk to him without a lawyer present to gather intelligence about future attacks that may have come our way. none of the information can be used against him in his trial. i am know worried -- a first-year law student can convict this guy -- >> with the videotape. >> with a million things. >> with the videotape. >> i am worried about having time with him to establish a rapport and to gather intelligence without his lawyer being present. >> one of the oddities of the statute, in order to be eligible, you have to have a connection to -- >> al qaeda. >> how much time do you have to find that? someone doesn't announce i'm al qaeda. >> this is the way it works. if i were president of the united states, here's what i would do in this case. i would say there is plenty of evidence to suggest this is a
you are saying you have to have some connection to -- >> to al-qaeda. >> how many time do you have to find that? someone doesn't announce i'm al-qaeda. >> this is the way it works. if i were the president of the united states this is what i would do. i would say there's plenty of evidence to suggest this was a radical jihad attack. it was motivated to kill as many americans because of add call jihadist thought. the older brother went to one of the most radical areas in chechnya. they have produced more footers for al-qaeda than probably anyplace on the planet except the mideast. i would say at this early stanley we want to know more about what the brother did in this radical part of the world. and i don't believe this guy. he has every reason in the world to deny that he's a low level guy. i want to take time to put the puzzle together. we didn't know three days after 9/11 if lynn laud in was involved. this is a ridiculous concept to have to make this decision within three days. i don't want to use any of the information against him in court. he has every right to not self incrimin
war on terror is almost essentially a war against al qaeda. and we've seen this sort of al qaeda affiliated terrorism. this was an entirely different thing. >> well, we've decimated-- it seems-- the al qaeda leadership to a great degree. but the ideas of al qaeda, the kind of franchises of al qaeda, preachers who are preaching things in various languages are all over the place. >> rose: it seems to be that people who become radicalized and then either because they can go on the internet and follow some -- somebody preaching -- >> it can only be discredited by the decency and effectiveness moral and otherwise of our way of life and -- which has -- would not react well to the 9/11 aftermath. there was so many things that we did wrong. whether it had to do with the waging of war or the trampling of civil liberties and i hope that we've learned our lesson. so when i first started hearing words from certain senators about "let's treat him as an enemy combatant." i don't know the motivation, but i blanch at it. >> rose: yeah. >> this is a country -- >> rose: they modified that and said
claiming to put on youtube praising al qaeda and usama bin laden and calling for jihad against the infidels. that will be americans. how did this happen? are there more? will this happen again? tonight right now here in watertown the big issue is how do authorities make sure he is captured and taken alive so he can get some answers to the so many questions that everyone, and all authorities will have on how we got here today, right now at this point. so the situation is still very fluid, on going at this moment. we believe he is surrounded. we just have to see how this plays out. neil: and as, eric, as you pointed out crucial to authorities on the scene, who i talked to throughout the day, they really do want to get, certainly with his brother last night in the shootout because if there are links to chechen rebels and islamic extremes as beee insinuated by a lot of law enforcement officials who note the ties to chep chen rebels them -- chep chen rebels them because it would be a crucial link and address any of those concerns. that begs the next question, here, eric are and i know you can't
other repolitics in the north caucasus region have direct ties to al qaeda and terrorist groups that have direct ties to afghani terrorists. this would be the al qaeda in the caucasus branch of al qaeda. we even know that the number two was there in 1997. there are several groups in chechnya and dagestan that have been deemed terrorists organizations by the united states and there are laws and insurgencies in those countries in those republics that resulted in so many bad attacks on russia we should have a certain amount of sympathy for what russia has gone through as a result of al qaeda's orientated attacks by the islamic extremists groups. >> it does seem that like jose padilla there might have been anger there about chechnya and using that as a rationale for joining jihady movements. having said that. one of the things that gets pointed out continuously is that if you are chechen, your beef is with russia and not the united states. >> yes but to a point. remember, chris, it's not just the chechnya conflict that was involved here. dagestan is really the far more important pla
. in fact, they said they were getting support from al qaeda in iran. >> the individuals were receiving support from al qaeda elements located in iran. now, i can tell you that there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state sponsored. now, the government, zoraida is saying -- they're vehemently denying it could be operating out of their country. the chairman of the sub committee out of counter terrorism. he was told an attack was going to be censored on a commuter train from canada to the united states. authorities say they thwarted this attack before it could get going. but, again, these two individuals will be in court here in toronto at 10:00 eastern time. >> i think he actually said specifically new york city as well and that he was very grateful they thwarted that attack. thank you very much. ted rowlands. police say they arrested two al qaeda terrorists. the pair is to have aprofile similar to the suspects in the boston bombings. that event in madrid is expected to draw 26,000 runners. still ahead heavy rains and spring you that not a good combination in the nat
department and received a similar designation from the u.n.'s al-qaeda and taliban sanctions committee. we have a quote here from ambassador daniel benjamin and it reads, the attacks perpetrated by the group illustrate the global nature of the terrorist problem we face today and we stand in solidarity with the russian people in our condemnation of these deplorable terrorist acts. the revelation that the u.s. was asked by the russian government two years ago to investigate the older brother for potential extremist ties and nothing was found is causing unease at the bureau, according to a member of the house intelligence committee. >> there are a lot of palpitation's going on within the f.b.i. about what did they see when they looked at this? what if anything, did they miss? that will be heavily scrutinize ed. >> we were also told today that this is just one of many groups that they're looking at at this time and it's also one that hasn't gotten a lot of attention in the past. >> thank you very much. great reporting. we're very honored today it have new york's former mayor, rudy guiliani, wi
was reluctant to use the word terrorism and link it with al qaeda. we saw that a little bit last week, a day before the word "terrorist" was used. this is the line the republicans will use against the president, that he's soft on terror. we're already seeing senior republicans accusing the fbi of dropping the ball on this one, senator lindsay graham and senior members of the house. >> are they justified? is there any way of knowing how many threats like this come into the u.s. on a daily, even hourly basis, and whether in the grand scheme of thing this one ought to have raised the flags? >> i'm not privy to the particular piece of intelligence on this. i imagine obviously they would have thousands of these and things on an annual basis. lindsey graham has said there are two possible ways that the fbi dropped the ball on this. first, it could have been a systemic failure in the sense that the procedures were following up on these warnings were floored or secondly there was some individual floor related to this. >> briefly, because you have said that, look, despite the fact that this may now h
qaeda may have influenced the pair with intent-bombmaking instructions posted by al-awlaki. >> the individual whose may have connection overseas but the primary radicalization is in places like the united states. >> he was formally charged in the hospital room yesterday where he is recovering from gunshot wounds he suffered in a shootout with police on friday. >> we hear more stories of courage and survival from the attack of the more than 200 injured, at least 14 people have undergone ambassador stations including a dancer who lost her foot but not her will to dance again. the 32-year-old and her husband, an airman just back from afghanistan were watching the marathon near the finish line when the first bomb went off. >> i remember telling adam, my $i'm alive and he said i'm okay, i'm okay, are you okay, are you okay, and i think, i thought we were okay and i said, my foot, something is wrong with my foot and he lifted my leg and we lost it. >> she lost her left foot and works as a ballroom dance instructor and says when someone tries to stop you from doing somethin
a similar label from the al-qaeda and taliban captions committee that same year. the russian government asked the fbi to investigate the older brother because he was "a follower of radical islam and a strong believer and had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the united states to join what the are you shawns called an unspecified underground group. the fbi said it found no evidence of terrorist activity. that revealation according to a member of the house intelligence committee is causing unease at the bureau. >> at this point i think there is a great deal we don't know about it. clearly we were given a request to look into his background prior to the trip. there are a lot of palpitations. what if anything did they miss and that will be heavily scrutinized. >> this is the first we have had identified and significant that it is one that has these islamic ties, judge. >> judge jeanine: you wrote a book about americans being recruited by the terrorists. were you surprised by any of this? >> we are early in the investigation and one of the things i outlined in "the next
a similar designation from the u.n.'s al-qaeda and taliban sanctions committee. we have a quote here from ambassador daniel benjamin and it reads, the attacks perpetrated by the group illustrate the global nature of the terrorist problem we face today and we stand in solidarity with the russian people in our condemnation of these deplorable terrorist acts. the revelation that the u.s. was asked by the russian government two years ago to investigate the older brother for potential extremist ties and nothing was found is causing unease at the bureau, according to a member of the house intelligence committee. >> there are a lot of palpitation's going on within the f.b.i. about what did they see when they looked at this? what if anything, did they miss? that will be heavily scrutinize ed. >> we were also told today that this is just one of many groups that they're looking at at this time and it's also one that hasn't gotten a lot of attention in the past. >> thank you very much. great reporting. we're very honored today it have new york's former mayor, rudy guiliani, with us. thank you for jo
toronto to new york. investigators believe the suspects were receiving help from members of al qaeda in iran. the news did not come as a surprise to some members of the cia who say al qaeda has had a presence in iran since 2001. iran denies al qaeda is operating within its borders. >>> the secretary of homeland security faces tough questions at an immigration hearing underway this hour in washington. as kyla campbell reports, janet napolitano first focused on the boston marathon bombings. >> reporter: she says the department of homeland security is helping with that investigation in boston. we're taking a live look right now at the senate committee where california senator dianne feinstein just asked questions a few moments ago about student visas. napolitano said they are determined to learn from this boston. >> all of us here are committed to finding out why this happened, what more we can do to prevent attacks like this in the future and making sure those responsible for this terror face justice. >> reporter: some republican senators say the boston terror attack prevents several n
be something else. >> are they looking at the relation shup between pressure cookers and the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. they talked about it in one of the magnificent zones, and it was tried to be used in the times square bombing. what does this tell us? >> the pressure cooker bomb is an old favorite in al qaeda training camps in afghanistan and you will find it in "inspire" magazine in their recipes. that points in that direction. but i can tell you, i was at a pressure cooker bomb scene at the port authority in new york in the '70s. i saw a pressure cooker bomb in 1976 by a croatian freedom fighter, i have seen them by domestic groups. if you know what you are doing, it's prolific. >> do you have the impression looking at all of this evidence the nature of the bomb all of the videos they have not seen anything yet? or have they seen some things intriguing for them? >> exactly that charlie. they have seen some things that have them lit up we have to figure out who this guy is who that guy is who this individual, because they are all possible but they d
members of the homeland security committee say this looks like the mark of al qaeda. we have brand-new details in the f.b.i.'s investigation. first let's go downtown in boston. >> the sun is just beginning to rise over the city of boston, a much different city, a quiet city this morning, almost eerie to see boylston street behind me and this morning it still looks like a marathon happened here yesterday. streets are still a mess, papers are everywhere. that area is in lockdown. the business district not reopening today. that remains a crime scene as a terrorist investigation continues right now here on the streets of boston. this event happened just a little bit before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. that's when really the height of the marathon, the elite runners had long since finished about two hours earlier. so the people that were crossing the finish line were many of them charity runners, were here to raise money for leukemia, for the liver foundation, for all the various things that people raise money for in the course of the 26 miles, plus they're running. as they were crossing t
nature, at a joyous event, patriots day in boston, boston marathon. we know that al qaeda has talked about hitting sporting eventss and the pressure cookers involved, and al qaeda magazine -- called "inspire magazine" who years ago had an article that laid out how to build a homemade bomb and pressure cookers were one of the materials they suggested. so right now my gut is leaning in that direction. we don't have all the facts yet. >> neil: thank you, eric. very, very much. if this was a cause of great alarm, certainly a funny way of showing it, although we didn't recoup all the 265-point points we saw yesterday, we got a good of it back. but on fortress wall street there are a lot of folks who are still being checked going in and out of the new york stock exchange. we're there to find out what they're thinking next. for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare.
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to be a sociopath of some sort. >> bob, if we work from the presumption it might be al qaeda, and we have no logic for that at the moment, but if you work from that, does everything you've seen from all of the fragments of the bomb, the batteries, the way this device was set up, the modus operandi of two people who were calmly checking out the vicinity, probably planned this for quite some time, bit look of it, does it add up to a classic al qaeda strike if it turns out to have been that? >> it does. i don't -- so far i haven't seen any mistakes they've made. somebody has coached them. again, they cased the place to make sure backpacks weren't bei being searched, the fact there was a remote-controlled detonator shows a certain amount of sophistication, two bombs. we used to call that double-tapping. you always do everything in twos. it was a military operation in that sense. and the fact that both detonators went off. that's not always assured. it has the ring of something of experience. it really does. and it very well could be al qaeda in the sense of mass casualties, hit the united states in re
to talk to him. and then our next guest says that al qaeda has been trying to pull off an attack like this for years. tony schafer is back and he explains after the break. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. and his new ss told him two ings -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find se good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> welcome back. this is a fox news alert. i'm heather childers. i'm heather nauert. it's been a week of terror in the boston area and finally last night coming to an end. boston bombing suspect number two
.s. state department and the al qaeda and taliban sanctions committee two years ago. it is a well known islamic group, governor. >> what are we learning about the f.b.i.'s initial contact with the older better. >> the f.b.i. in 2011 had a request from the russian government and the f.b.i. revealed some of the details of that request. it reads in part, that the russian government had information that the older brother a follower of radical islam and strong believer and changed drastically from 20 thereto 10 and believed he was joining an unpres -- unspecified group. the f.b.i. did a review of tamerlan's background and talked to him and family members and didn't come up with terrorist act timpt. but let me explain why this saimportant now. the same year the russian government said what do you been this guy and extremist ties? we think he is a radical islamist. that is the same time this group in chechnya is declared a terrorist enity and the older brother creates a youtube site where he is posting jihadi literature and that seems to be a theme is the trip to rush quaand sort of radicaliza
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